Twitter Fetcher
A jQuery interface for Twitter


Italian with Images


Option Description Type Default value
widgetid Id of your Twitter widget (see to know how to configure it!).
This is required to make TwitsFetcher work!
String null
uniqueId If set, TwitsFetcher will trigger a custom event, in case of error, like ("twt-error-"+uniqueId).
This is very useful if you get some errors and you are using more than one TwitsFetcher in your page.
String null
maxTweets Max number of twits to retrieve Number 20
enableLinks If true, links in twit will be shown Boolean true
showRetweet If true, posts from other users will be retrieved.
Otherwise only posts from user will be shown.
Boolean true
showImages If true, images attached to posts will be shown Boolean true
lang Language of Twitter server: "it", "es" or "en" are available. string it
enablePermalink If true, a link to the post will be set in the "posted string" Boolean false
avatar If set (src), a common avatar will override each post avatar. TwitsFetcher will control if the selected src links to a valid image, and if not, default avatar will be used String default


TwitFetcher is a jQuery plugin, that lets you easily retrieve twits from your Twitter account!

TwitFetcher ideally works with bootstrap, but you can create your own style by setting style for the default CSS classes of TwitFetcher